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JWST Master Class local workshop in Lithuania

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy
Vilnius University
  February 20 to 21, 2020


Downloads Spausdinti El. paštas


  • Erika Pakštienė "Preparing for photometric observations" pdf
  • Victoria Antoci "Preparing for spectroscopic observations" pdf
  • Carolina von Essen "Transiting exoplanets" pdf
  • Mia Sloth Lundkvist "Exoplanet properties using asteroseismology" pdf
  • Alessandro Morbidelli "Proto-planetary disks and planetesimal accretion" pptx
  • Alessandro Morbidelli "Planet formation and migration" pptx
  • Alessandro Morbidelli "Putting together the ingredients" pptx
  • Nikku (Madhu) Madhusudhan "Exoplanetary Atmospheres" pdf
  • Presentations of Hans Kjeldsen available for stuents upon personal request


User guides

  • User's guide for Molėtai 1.65 m telescope pdf
  • C-Munipack 1.1 User’s manual pdf


Presentations of large assignments





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