Three-channel general-purpose astrophotometer | MAO

Three-channel general-purpose astrophotometer

Number of channels (CH1, CH2 and CH3) 3
Distance between the channels CH1 and CH2 26 mm to 50 mm (7 arcmin to 13 arcmin for F=13 m)
CH1 and CH3 20 mm (5,3 arcmin for F=13 m)
Possible deviation of CH3 +/- 2 mm (31 arcs for F=13 m)
Number of filter wheels 2 (for CH2 and for CH1+CH2)
Number of filters in each filter wheel 10 in CH1 (5 pairs in CH1+CH3)
Diameter of filters 13 mm
Number of aperture wheels 2 (for CH2 and for CH1+CH3)
Number of apertures in each wheel 10 in CH1 (5 pairs for CH1+CH3)
Diameter 0,3 to 8,0 mm (5 arcs to 2 arcmin for F=13m)
Diameter of field eyepiece 40 mm (10,2 arcmin for F=13 m)
Number of aperture microscopes 2 (for CH2 and for CH1+CH3)
Magnification of aperture microscopes 25X
Diameter of the field of microscopes 8 mm (2 arcmin)
Number of Fabri lenses 3
Diameter of Fabri lenses 14 mm
Focus length of Fabri lenses 30 mm
Diameter of outcoming pupil 2,5 mm
Spectral range 300 to 650 nm (PMT - R647P)
185 to 850 nm (PMT - R1463P)
Temeperature of the PMTs two stabilized temperatures -5°C and -15°C which can be set depending on the enviromental temperature
System of the PMT cooling one stage thermoelectric cooler with actively ventilated heat absorber
Dimensions of the photometer height 410 +/- 5 mm
max diameter (including microscopes) 210 +/- 5 mm
max diameter of the main frame 140 +/- 5 mm