Please, provide the followinf information in the attached PDF file

  1. Title of the programme:
  2. Principal Investigator (PI) of the programme:
  3. Affiliation of the PI:
  4. Email Address:
  5. Other investigators and affiliations:
  6. Observers, their affiliations and e-mails:
  7. Please, shortly indicate what experience that observers have with the selected instrument (or similar instruments):
  8. Short description of the programme:
  9. Time requested:
  10. Requested dates of observations and possible shifts in sheduling (provide alternatives). If shifts are not possible, indicate the reason:
  11. Influence of Moon phase, justification:
  12. Auxiliary instrumentation required (one-channel or CCD photometry, filters, spectroscopy, radial velocities, asteroseismology, etc.):
  13. Required telescope:
  14. Short information on previous observations at MAO and progress status:
    a) how many nights were used for observations related to the programme; how many objects were observed;
    b) how many nights were used for observations related to other programmes; how many objects were observed;
    c) where results have been published ?
  15. Back-up programme of observations (in case weather conditions are unfavourable for the main programme):
  16. Other notes:
    Please, indicate if you require a transfer from Molėtai bus station

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