Astronomers from Lithuanian and foreign institutions are welcome to apply for observing time.

Applications for observation time at MAO must be prepared and submitted electronically using the application submission system.

Transnational access (TNA) to the instruments at MAO is provided via the Horizon 2020 project “Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos – Infrastructures for Nuclear Astrophysics (ChETEC-INFRA)”. Please see for more information about the H2020 ChETEC-INFRA TNA options.

Time Allocation Committee Members:

  • Dr. Rimvydas Janulis
  • Dr. Arūnas Kučinskas
  • Dr. Šarūnas Mikolaitis
  • Dr. Donatas Narbutis
  • Dr. Julius Sperauskas
  • Habil. dr. Gražina Tautvaišienė
  • Prof. dr.(HP) Vladas Vansevičius


For the normal proposal cycle* Submission Deadline
December to February 31of October
March to May 31 of January
June to August 30 of April
September to November 31 of July

*Proposals are reviewed in 15 days after the submission deadline