Application for observing time | MAO

Application for observing time

Who can apply?

  • Astronomers from Lithuanian and foreign institutions are welcome to apply for observing time .

How do I apply for observing time at MAO?

Applications for observation time at MAO must be prepared and submitted electronically using the application submission system.


Time Allocation Committee Members:

  • Dr. Rimvydas Janulis
  • Dr. Arūnas Kučinskas
  • Dr. Šarūnas Mikolaitis
  • Dr. Donatas Narbutis
  • Dr. Julius Sperauskas
  • Habil. dr. Gražina Tautvaišienė
  • Prof. dr.(HP) Vladas Vansevičius



For the normal proposal cycle* Submission Deadline
December to February 31of October
March to May 31 of January
June to August 30 of April
September to November 31 of June

*Proposals are reviewed in 15 days after the submission deadline

Click here to apply.