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NEON summer school 2014
 The 2014 observing school will take place in Bulgaria:  The observations  at the telescope  will take place at the Rozhen Observatory (Bulgaria), from September 17th to 24th, 2014 The data reduction will take place in Sofia, from Sept. 25th to Oct. 1st, together with the Awareness conference 2014. A preliminary description and program will be available soon here. Practical information for the September 2014 school will be available soon  here. Selection of candidates will be made by our correspondants in each of the participating countries. Final selection is expected to be completed by end of June, 2014
Nordic-Baltic Research school 2012

Norhttp://mao.itpa.lt/nordforsk/images/mao_qr.pngdic-Baltic summer school 2012 "Observational Stellar Astrophysics in the Era of Gaia and Kepler Space Missions" will be held 28th July - 11th August 2012; ITPA VU Molėtai Astronomical Observatory (Lithuania).
The aim of the course is to give participants a modern knowledge of how to observe and interpret stellar spectra and pulsations, by doing own observations, interpret existing observations and do theoretical modelling. The main topic of the course is to teach methods for investigation of stellar main atmospheric parameters, the detailed chemical composition, astroseismology, and search for extra-solar planets. The highest priority will be given to observational techniques and doing of own observations. Both photometric and spectroscopic observing techniques will be taught and tried out at telescopes. 


NEON summer school 2011

The ninth Neon Observing school (school at the telescope) took place at: 
Molėtai Astronomical Observatory (Lithuania) from July 14 to 27, 2011

NEON stands for the Network of European Observatories in the North. The organizing consortium is composed of Asiago Observatory (Italy), Calar Alto Observatory (Germany, Spain), European Southern Observatory (ESO, Germany; including participation from the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility), Observatoire de Haute-Provence (OHP, France), Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP, France) and La Palma observatories (ING and NOT, UK, Netherlands, Spain and Nordic Countries).

The NEON Observing Schools are supported by OPTICON and the European Astronomical Society (EAS).



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