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Better Inclusion, Better Science, Building Impact in MW-GAIA
Vilnius, Lithuania, July 3 - 5, 2023
NEON 2011 Programme




Typical scadule for the day

Day 1 (Thursday July 14): Arrival of the students
Day 2-4: Introductory lectures and preparation of the observations

Basics of telescope optics and image analysis (M. Dennefeld, IAP-Paris)
Photometry ( J. Sudzius, Vilnius Univ. )
Low-resolution Spectroscopy (M. Dennefeld, IAP-Paris)
High-dispersion Spectroscopy (H. Korhonen, Univ. of Turku)

Introduction to reduction techniques

Night 3-8: Observations
Days 3-12:  Data reduction and analysis


Tutors will be: Th. Augusteijn, H. Korhonen, L. Morelli, E. Pakstiene and V. Laugalys
Additional lectures are foreseen  during the rest of the school:
Archival data
Adaptive Optics
VLT and ELT instrumentation
The history and evolution of telescopes
European observing facilities

Day 13
(Tuesday, July 26th): Presentation of the results; round table discussion on prospects in astrophysics
Day 14 (July 27th): Departure

The school is open to PhD students in Astronomy or Post-docs with limited observing experience from all over Europe.
Selection of candidates will be made by the steering committee (see the general information about Neon schools).

Deadline for registration:   April 30th,  2011 


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