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Better Inclusion, Better Science, Building Impact in MW-GAIA
Vilnius, Lithuania, July 3 - 5, 2023
Nordic-Baltic Research school 2008
The aim of the course is to give participants a modern knowledge of how to observe and interpret stellar spectra and pulsations, by doing own observations, interpret existing observations and do theoretical modelling. The main topics of the course is to teach methods for investigation of stellar main atmospheric parameters, the detailed chemical composition, influence of the magnetic fields, mixing and diffusion of material in stellar atmospheres, asteroseismology, investigation of surface structures, and search for exoplanets. The highest priority will be given to observational techniques and doing of own observations. Both photometric and spectroscopic observing techniques will be taught and tried out at telescopes.
Five telescopes with modern detectors will be available for observations, three at the Moletai Observatory in Lithuania, and two at Canary Islands remotely operated - the Nordic Optical Telescope at La Palma and IAC80 Teide Observatory telescope at Teide.

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