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Vilnius, Lithuania, July 3 - 5, 2023
JWST Master Class Workshop

JWST Master Class local workshop in Lithuania for Baltic states will be organized on February 20-21, 2020 in Vilnius, Vilnius University.

James Webb Space Telescope is going to be launched soon. The JWST proposal planning tools (APT and ETC) are quite complex. Therefore JWST Master Class will organize a 2-day workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania in order to train participants on how to use these proposal tools and to stimulate proposal ideas. The release date of the JWST Cycle 1 GO (General Observers) Call for Proposals is January 23, 2020 and the deadline for APT (Astronomers Proposal Tool) proposal submission is May 1, 2020.

It is a 2 day workshop where JWST experts will train selected researchers from ESA member states on JWST proposal planning tools, resources and documentation. We plan to have ~20 participants and encourage participation from postdocs and advanced graduate students. Topics of the workshop: JWST mission status and instruments: NIRCam, NIRSpec, NIRISS, MIRI, available proposal tools and end-to-end tools usage, available observing science modes and observing strategies.

Registration. There is no registration fee for this workshop. Registration is now open and will close on Jan 31, 2020.


We acknowledge the grant from the European Social Fund via the Lithuanian Science Council (LMTLT) grant No. 09.3.3-LMT-K-712-01-0103. 




  • Marco Sirianni (ESA)
  • Elena Puga (ESA)
  • Tim Rawle (ESA)
  • Šarūnas Mikolaitis (Vilnius University)
  • Marco Sirianni (ESA)
  • Elena Puga (ESA)
  • Tim Rawle (ESA)
  • Gražina Tautvaišienė (Vilnius University)
  • Šarūnas Mikolaitis (Vilnius University - chair)
  • Gražina Tautvaišienė (Vilnius University - chair)
  • Edita Stonkutė (Vilnius University)
  • Arnas Drazdauskas (Vilnius University)
  • Renata Minkevičiūtė (Vilnius University)


Saulėtekio av. 3, 10257 Vilnius



Travel to Vilnius

If you are traveling by air, the closest international airport is Vilnius (VNO). Instructions for traveling from thet airport to are here.
It is easy to travel by the bus around Baltic countries, ticket can be reserved with eurolines or ecolines .
Public transport to the venue and Airport
The easy way is to use TRAFI app on the smartphone and buy 30 min or 90 min or 1 day tickets with credit card
To get to venue from the centre you can use trolleybuses No 2 or 4 or bus 4G.
Airport - city center you can use busses No 3G, 1, 2 or 88, depending on the location of your hotel.
Please check routes and timetables here: (https://www.trafi.com/lt/vilnius) or in TRAFI app.
Uber and Bolt are convenient and cheap options to go around Vilnius,  and you should expect to pay up to 7 EUR to go to th venue or airport.
Booking.com and Airbnb are simple options to book your hotel. If you plan to use public transport and also want to have some Vilnius experience, probably the best is to stay closer to the Cathedral square.
For example:

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